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Looking for Plus9?

Westgate Games was built around a mission to ensure ALL Asian developed games make it into the hands of players in the West. Plus9 was our first attempt at living up to this goal by helping developers succeed through increased discoverability of their games and a dedicated community interested in their content.

Since Plus9 launched in early 2021, we've partnered with amazing developers and welcomed thousands of players to the community, and we couldn't be more thankful for the support all of you have shown. 

While the Plus9 community grew, we were unable to make meaningful progress for our development partners. If we want to make progress on our mission to bring all games West, we need to find more effective ways of supporting Asian developers., and Plus9 was not making an impact.

Plus9 was a huge component of our strategy to help bring games West but it was not the sole purpose of Westgate Games. We plan to continue to evolve Westgate Games in new directions and explore other ways that we can serve our mission. To that end, we are refocusing our efforts as a company around directly supporting developers and publishers in tackling Western launches for their games.

Finally, we would like to say thank you so much to all of our supporters - players, developers, partners, colleagues, and investors. We were able to try our best to succeed with Plus9 thanks to your support.


- Westgate Games

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